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Distribution center

Chemical Agrosava possesses one of the most "state-of-the-art" distribution centers in Serbia.

The total capacity of high-bay warehouses is around 9.100 euro-pallet places for storing packaged plant nutrition products and pesticides, and around 5.000 euro-pallet places for seed merchandise. As for floor level storages, the capacity is around 5.500 pallet places.

The basic purpose of floor level storage is to store raw materials, semi-finished products and active ingredients for formulation and packaging of pesticides and foliar fertilizers in a safe manner. These storages are classified according to the type and purpose of chemical matter stored, i.e. active ingredients and excipients for formulating various types of pesticides, flammable solid and liquid matters, as well as plastic and other types of packages.

Within high-bay warehouses a modern inventory control system has been implemented;  the latest achievements have been applied in the field of prevention/detection and fire protection systems, security systems, temperature regime control for stored products, as well as internal transport control from reputable house "Still".

An integrated system for fire detection and protection starts from smoke and heat sensors, through the automatic fire suppression system or sprinkler system. In order to retain contaminated water in the event of fire, the system for automatic closing of ramps and gates has been provided. A centralized computer system runs this integrated system for protection and intervention in the event of fire.

Capacities of Agrosava's distribution center allow service storing in high-bay warehouses, but also in the public customs warehouse.