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Pesticide quality testing laboratory

The pesticide quality testing laboratory is located in a newly built and modernly equipped area of 200 m2, separated from other units of Chemical Agrosava. The basic function of the laboratory is to control the quality of Chemical Agrosava's products by using modern analytical techniques (HPLC, GLC, PSA) and test methods (CIPAC; AOAC; SRPS). In order to obtain the appropriate quality of the product, the laboratory monitors all phases of product development that affect the quality, by analyzing the necessary parameters within the input, process and final control.

The laboratory is equipped with modern analytical instruments supplied by the world's leading manufacturers. It has several liquid (HPLC/DAD; UV/VIS) and gas chromatographs (GC), granulometer, KF titrator, potentiometric titrator, tensometer, as well as a range of other "small" devices for the necessary physical and chemical tests. Laboratory staff consists of experienced and professional staff, chemists, physicochemists, laboratory technicians, who efficiently and economically carry out analyses and timely report on test results. This is why our laboratory services are used by other clients who have confidence in our work. Therefore, in addition to physical and chemical analyses of pesticides, plant protection and nutrition products, the laboratory provides service analyses to external domestic and foreign clients, primarily the analysis of the active ingredient content in various products, and, what we are particularly proud of, the analysis of the coverage of treated seeds called the "seed loading test".