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Quality testing

Chemical Agrosava owns a modern laboratory for quality testing of their own products, as well as of the products on customer's demand.
The laboratory perform quality testing of raw materials, semi-finished productst and final products, then the testing of treated seed materials, as well as the analysis of foliar nutrients.

The laboratory is divided into two sections:

  • Instrumental analysis laboratory
  • Laboratory for physico-chemical analysis and formulation of new products

The premises are conjoined in a way that excludes the risk of contamination or degradation during work.

The instrumental laboratory is equipped with the next generation devices -GC and HPLC- which are essential for the analysis of active ingredients for pesticide products. It also posseses a laser particle size counter which enables a fast insight into one of the most important physical characteristics of formulated products.
During work, the employees use various testing methods (CIPAC, AOAC, along with the methods developed and validated in Agrosava's laboratory).