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Pesticide production

Pesticide production

Production plants for pesticides and foliar fertilizers are situated on its present location in Simanovci since 1997.

In accordance with a good manufacturing practice, while folowing the principles of cross-contamination prevention, the production plant is fully equipped for formulation and packaging of liquid and powdery preparations.
Production plant for liquid formulations is divided into the section for herbicide and the section for fungicide and insectide formulation. The section for herbicides contains two separate formulation and packaging lines for EC herbicides and SC herbicides.

In one year a total of 3500t of various pesticides and foliar fertilizers is formulated and repackaged. In individual packages, this quantity equals to approximately 6 million pieces.
Liquid preparations are produced in SL, EC, SC and OD formulations.
Powdery preparations are in WP and WG form.

Types of packagings:

  • Liquid preparations: 5 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 1 l, 10 l, 200 l.
  • Powdery preparations: 1.25 g, 2 g, 8 g, 15 g, 20 g, 25 g, 30 g, 50 g, 100 g, 150 g, 200 g, 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg, 20 kg.

Examination of physicochemical properties of pesticides is carried out in our own laboratory equipped with the most advanced devices.
The lot number of the final product is determined based on lot numbers of active ingredients and excipients, which provides a complete product traceability from its starting point to the end user.
The equipment used in formulation and packaging processes is supplied by reputable manufacturers, such as MEWES, BREITNER, AMSI, LANGGUTH, HITCHI etc.

Depending on the viscosity of preparations and the type of packages, capacity of  machines for liquid packages range from 1000 to 3000 pcs/h.

A good organization and equipment capacities, through harmonized processes, made Chemical Agrosava the provider of service pesticide formulation and packaging for some of the world's largest pesticide manufacturers, which was certified for in 2012 by the German certification body DQS.



Chemical Agrosava was founded in 1990 in Belgrade. From the very beginning, the guiding idea was the creation of a specialized company in the field of plant protection. This idea has led to partnership and close cooperation with several multinational companies, which continues to this day.

In 1996 our company started production in a small plant in Šimanovci, 25 km away from Belgrade. Today, at this location, there is one of the most modern factories in the eastern part of Europe for the formulation of granular (GR, WDG), liquid (SC, EC, SL, FS, OD and EW) and powdery (WP) pesticides, seed processing center with seed dryer and seed storage with 5,000 pallet places, plastic packaging production plant, printery, laboratories, as well as the distribution center for pesticides on 1.6 ha.

In 2004 a breeding house AS hibridi was established within Chemical Agrosava, which is specialized in corn selection and breeding, and, starting from 2016, in selection and breeding of wheat. For this relatively short period, more than 60 corn hybrids have been registered and sown, aside from Serbia, on increasingly larger areas from France to Iran. We were the first to register hybrid wheat and made a  big step forward when it comes to cereal production.

Since 2005, we have introduced the integrated quality system (ISO 9001), environment protection (ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety (ISO 18001).

Since 2014, the seed quality testing laboratory has been accredited in accordance with SRPS ISO/IES 17025:2006 for the methods of sampling and testing seeds of cereals, industrial and fodder plants. Chemical Agrosava meets the highest global standards in the production of pesticides, water-soluble fertilizers, foliar nutrients and plastic packaging, in the production and processing of all plant species, as well as in the service provision in the field of formulation, packaging and storage of pesticides.

Today, Chemical Agrosava has a team of over 200 employees, and more than 40% are highly educated experts of various profiles: agricultural engineers, plant protection engineers, economists, chemists, technologists, etc. With their knowledge, experience and advice, they provide a safe base for every agricultural producer. As a result, Chemical Agrosava received some of the most prestigious awards: the Golden Gazelle award for 2016 as the fastest growing company in Serbia, the Belgrade Winner award, the Golden AAA Credit Rating, and Environmental Respect Award from DuPont in Wilmington, USA.

The knowledge we possess enables us to make products of superior quality and create the concept of optimal protection, which represents a combination of professional and commercial aspect, excellent products and advice for timely application. Our mission is to be a regional leader, and the only way to achieve it is to help others grow together with us.

Chemical Agrosava receives the award "Ambassador of Respect" in the United States

Chemical Agrosava receives the award "Ambassador of Respect" in the United States

In the period from 21st to 25th July 2014, the 24th Environmental Respect Award ( -program organized by the companies DuPont, CropLife and Farm Chemicals International, was held in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.
The aim of this program was to:

  • Find and promote companies that will be a role model for good safety practices in the field of environmental protection and occupational safety and who will be ready to introduce and implement it in the behavior of customers, suppliers, employees and the wider community.
  • Exchange of opinions, experiences and good practices in the field of environmental protection around the world.

The companies that took part in the competition were obliged to prove the highest level of commitment, as well as the initiative for the development of new projects and the improvement of existing ones in the field of environmental protection and occupational safety. Each company represented its own country.
The subject of evaluation included:

  • development of new products, education of end users on the correct application of plant protection products, but also defining of environmental risks due to poor application;
  • energy efficiency and renewable energy sources;
  • waste and packaging waste management and education of end users about the return of packaging waste;
  • emergency response readiness, training of employees and all other persons present at Chemical Agrosava's site;
  • education of employees related to occupational safety and environmental protection;
  • innovation;
  • social responsibility.

Since DuPont is a long-standing business partner to Chemical Agrosava, it has shown confidence and invited Agrosava to apply and present its system, as well as Serbia.
Through answers and accompanying material that supported the application (Chemical Agrosava's website –, photos and videos available on the website, the selection board reviewed all the companies and decided that Chemical Agrosava had fulfilled the highest requirements, so Agrosava won the first place in Europe.

The award for successful implementation and the first place in Europe is the title Ambassador of Respect. A crystal trophy was awarded on July 24, 2014 at the final gala dinner in the crystal hall of the Dupont Hotel in Wilmington, Delaware.

Aside from Chemical Agrosava, which represented Serbia and Europe, a total of 17 companies from the USA, Australia, India, South Korea, the Philippines, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Russia and Turkey attended the award ceremony. During our stay in Wilmington, the company DuPont organized a rich educational and entertainment program.

On the first day, the participants were taken to the The DuPont Country Club where the poster session was held. Each participant had some time to present to the others the company and the country they are coming from. This way all the participants had chance to get acquainted with each other and have a friendly conversation.

On the second day of the stay, the participants had opportunity to go to the trial field on the Cheasapeake Farms, MD Maryland ( and learn more about innovations in the field of plant protection.
The total area of this complex is 3,300 hectares. They carry out research and development of agricultural products, as well as good management practices in the introduction and control of the application of new plant protection products.

The National ERA Winner for 2010, Willard Agri-Service, was also the host and introduced the participants to their production of fertilizers.

During the visit to the company, the host presented the innovations in the field of production, sale and application of fertilizers and microelements in agriculture, as well as good practice towards customers, in order to reduce the risks from poor use of products and to increase profit.
Through GPS they collect data on customers and make analyses based on which the company's experts  make important decisions about the use of the preparations in that field. The company's mission is to train end-users to use these services, as in this way each customer will receive individual support for the application of the product individually.

On the third day, the host took the participants to DuPont Stine-Haskell Research Center in Newark, DE. This is a center for research and development of new products which employs 500 people. There we learned that it takes 4 to 5 years of research and millions of dollars to make a pesticide and present it to the end user.
Also, we made a tour around the Hagley Museum ( which shows an example of early American industry, restored mills, the workers' community, and the ancestral home and gardens of the Du Pont family.

Based on what we have seen, the experience we have and our goals, we will fulfill the motto of Chemical Agrosava: "Life in Safe Hands".

The seed quality testing laboratory receives accreditation

The seed quality testing laboratory receives accreditation

The laboratory has been accredited according to SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006 by the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS) for sampling and testing seeds of cereals, industrial and fodder plants.
By obtaining the accreditation certificate, we confirmed that our test results are reliable, that the tests are performed in a professional manner and in accordance with the standard requirements, since they are certified and supervised by a competent organization.

As an accredited laboratory, we have increased the confidence of current and future users in the quality of laboratory tests. Tests are performed by highly-qualified and experienced analysts on modern, properly calibrated equipment.

The laboratory takes part in proficiency tests organized by BIPEA (International Bureau for Analytical Studies), as well as in ILC tests (inter-laboratory comparison), which involve accredited laboratories for seed testing in the Republic of Serbia, and this way it keeps confirming its competence.

Declaration of change of status (merging)

Declaration of change of status (merging)

Notification about change of status is available on the following link Obaveštenje.

Declaration of change of status is available on the following link Nacrt Ugovora.

The Golden Gazelle Award for the first time in Serbia – Chemical Agrosava

The Golden Gazelle Award for the first time in Serbia – Chemical Agrosava

A prestigious award, The Golden Gazelle, was given for the first time in Serbia on 18th May 2016.

Chemical Agrosava had the honor to be the first company in Serbia to win the prize awarded by the  Bisnode Global Group. The prize for 2016 was awarded at the Belgrade City Hall for the fastest growing companies.

The Gazelle concept in economy refer to the companies that make the biggest contribution to GDP growth and job creation. Gazelles are fast, swift, adaptable and capable of overcoming obstacles. Companies that have received this award can be identified in the business environment with these beauties in nature.

Chemical Agrosava celebrated the 25th anniversary in 2015. By obtaining the Golden Gazelle, it has confirmed the status of one of the most successful companies in Serbia.

Year after year, Chemical Agrosava was persistent in modernizing the production and improving the quality of products.

Aligning business (2005) with the requirements of international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) contributed to the development and improvement of production facilities. Within the framework of the UNIDO Cleaner Production Program (2009), the Cleaner Production system was successfully implemented. In 2013, Chemical Agrosava received UN certificate for carton and plastic packaging in accordance with ADR/RID standards for packing and transport of dangerous goods.

Thus, in 2014, Chemical Agrosava received the award from DuPont USA as Europe's most successful company in good production and safety practices in the field of plant protection products, environmental protection and occupational safety. The same year, Agrosava received the Certificate of Accreditation for the seed quality testing laboratory (SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006).
In the last five years, Chemical Agrosava almost doubled its revenues, which in 2015 exceeded three billion dinars.

The company's goals are based on the development of new products and services. In relation to the defined goals, every year the company employs skilled staff which can respond to high development demands. There are currently seven doctors of science and over 60% of employees have university degree. Knowledge and experience of employees is exchanged through continuous training not only of employees, but also of end users, as well as through the professional practice of students from universities in Belgrade and Novi Sad.                                                                          

In line with the idea of constant development and advancement, in 2015 we launched a production plant for water-dispersible granules (WG), the only such plant in Serbia and in this region.

Chemical Agrosava has been successfully producing hybrid corn seed for 10 years and it is the first company to present silage corn hybrids to the Serbian market. The well-known AS hybrids are exported not only to European countries, but also to Russia, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Algeria, and far Iran.

In cooperation with the world's most famous breeding house that has developed hybrid wheat,  we presented the first wheat hybrids to the Serbian market last autumn.

The Golden Gazelle Award motivates all employees to initiate new projects and to upgrade the existing ones, but also it gives them the willingness to apply this model to customers, suppliers, employees and the wider community.


Award "Belgrade Winner"

Award "Belgrade Winner"

On june 20., 2016. godine, the company Chemical Agrosava received "Belgrade Winner" award by the Chamber of Commerce.

This award has traditionally been awarded to the best companies since 1985 and is a status symbol in the business world.

Excellent SME certificate – Coface Serbia

Excellent SME certificate – Coface Serbia

On December 23, 2017, Chemical Agrosava received Excellent SME certificate from the credit insurance company Coface. You can check the certificate at the following link:  Sertifikat kreditne kuce Coface.