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Packaging waste

Packaging waste disposal

Chemical Agrosava has signed the contract with an authorized subcontractor for collecting, transport, and disposal of packaging waste from plant protection product – Envipack d.o.o. After using plant protection products, the packaging becomes hazardous waste, which should be disposed of in a lawful manner.

The instructions for handling empty containers are clearly indicated on all Agrosava's preparations.


Preparation for recycling:

  • After use, drain the content of the container for about 30 seconds
  • Fill one-third of the container with clean water, re-close the cap and shake it vigorously.
  • Pour the content into the sprayer.
  • Repeat the procedure at least two more times until the container is visibly clean.
  • Use the liquid from rinsing together with the solution prepared for treatment.
  • Empty containers must be punctured (excluding the glass containers) on three spots, so it cannot be re-used for other purposes.
  • Caps should be disposed of separately from the container.


  • Return of empty containers is performed twice a year.
  • Empty containers must contain the original label in order to determine the origin of pesticide packaging.